Q. How to get Started on Shootwords?

A: Shootwords is a social network based platform driven by voice. Here you can discuss the topics of your choice in your own voice. Your comments have just got a new life because now you can add your voice to the comments apart from text. So you can record your voice and shoot it to the world. You can post any web page or web link or URL which you want to discuss and then start posting your comments in voice or text. You can also start your own topic of discussion with your followers or with general public. You can browse through different posts of your choice and make some comments in both voice or text or simply like or dislike others posts or comments.

Q. What is Shoot?

A: Shoot(s) are basically your topic of discussion in voice or text targeted to your followers or public. So if you are shooting any voice message or text it will go to your followers by default unless made public while shooting. In order to shoot a voice message, click on the Shoot(Record) at left hand side menu . To start recording, click on the red button below and allow flash to record your voice through your microphone. To stop recording click on the red button again. Please note that the default time for recording is 30 sec and it will stop automatically after that. After stopping it will play back the recorded voice for your preview. If you like it you may choose to shoot it to the server by clicking on "Shoot" option right under it. Once you are satisfied with your voice recording, you also have an option to add text along with it. To do so simply write what you want in the given space of "Text Shoots". Click on "Shoot" at the bottom of the page to shoot your final voice and/or text. Otherwise you can submit your text shoot only by clicking the "Text Shoot" button.

Q. What are Public shoots?

A: When you make a shoot, you can either make it public or restrict it to your followers(default). In order to make your shoot public, check the "Public" check-box before shooting your voice/text shoot. All your public shoots can be seen by all users irrespective of them following you or not. All public shoots can be seen under Public Shoots tab on the home page.

Q. What is #Hashtag in shoots?

A: When you make a shoot, you get the option of defining it with a Hashtag. This tags your shoot making it easily searchable by your followers/general users.

Q.What is length of audio which can be recorded for shoot?

A: By default we have given 30 seconds for a voice shoot because we believe 30 seconds are sufficient to make your pitch. Remember ,Brevity is the soul of wit. But some things may take time and length to explain so text option is available for them.

Q. How do I report a post/shoot or comment as abusive/ offensive?

A: You can proactively report an abusive or offensive link to us which you think is not appropriate or violates community guidelines or social etiquette just by clicking Offensive under each post/shoot or comment. Appropriate action will be taken as per our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Q.What are “followers” and what is “following”?

A: Followers are those users who have started following you, so the shoots submitted by you will be shared among your followers unless it is public. Following are those users who you have started to follow. "Following" a user will enable you to receive his/her shoots and comment(voice or text) on them as well. "Following" gives you the list of all users that you are following. "Follower" is the person following a particular user. "Followers" shows you all the users that are following you. Please note that you do not need a user's permission to follow him/her. However, if you are following a user , he/she has the privilege to block you in which case he/she can keep you from "following" him/her and vice versa.

Q.How do I follow other users of shootwords?

A: Go to home page, In search box type the username, you will get some suggestions as you may type look for particular username with his or her profile image and voice intro . If you want to follow them click on the adjoining follow button. Or you can find other users in "People" sorted by Newly joined or Most Followed users or you can search here also by their username or actual name just like home page.

Q.How do I unfollow a user I am already following?

A: Click on the "Following" on the left hand menu. You will get a list of all users you are following along with an "Unfollow" option beside each of them. Click on that to unfollow the selected user. Or you can use search in home or People page to unfollow a particular user .

Q. How do I block a follower?

A: Click on the "Followers" on the left hand menu. You will get a list of all users that are following you along with a "Block user" option beside each of them. Click on that to block the selected user. Please note that if you block a user, you deny them the privilege of receiving your shoots and vice versa.

Q. Can I see my sent Shoots? Can I undo or recall my Shoots?

A: In the home page under Sent Shoots tab you will find all your shoots done by you. If you want to undo the sent shoot just click on Undo link attached to that particular shoot.

Q. What is Re-shoot?

A: Reshoot is like sharing with your followers. Suppose you have received a shoot from a user whom you are following and that you want to share with your followers. You can reshoot that by clicking on "share" icon so your followers will be getting that particular shoot with its original user.

Q. What are Saved shoots?

A: You may choose to save or bookmark certain shoots to check them out again in future. These shoots get stored under "Favorite Shoots" tab on the homepage. In order to save a public shoot or a shoot from the user you are following, click on the "" option under the shoot.

Q. What are Saved posts?

A: You may choose to save certain posts to check them out again in future. These posts get stored under Saved Posts tab on the Articles page. In order to save a public post or a post from the user you are following, click on the "save" option under the post.

Q. What is "Browse by Categories"?

A: This option lets you choose the categories you are interested in so you receive the posts accordingly.

Q. How to send Direct Messages?

A: This option lets you send voice and/or text messages to your followers or the users you are following. It can only be viewed/heard by the person you sent it(recipient) and yourself.

Q.How to use "Categories Settings"?

A: Settings comes from the left hand menu. You can customize it to choose categories that you are interested in and want to receive posts about. By default you get all the categories. Basically you can personalize your feed of posts from your favorite categories.

Q.How to Delete your Account?

A: Click on Settings at the left hand menu. Choose the Delete Account Tab. Enter your password and Click on "Delete Account" button. Once deleted other users would not be able to see your profile or shoots.

Q. How to use Search?

A: You can use the "Search" option to find a user by the username or search a shoot by its # hastag or search a post by its keywords/tags. So At home page as you will type in Search Box, we will suggest you username or shoots by the characters which you have typed. You can find the username to follow/unfollow or click his image to view his/her profile. You can also find the relevant shoots after username. Same is with Posts , as you will start typing any tags we will suggest you those tags if it matches the database, otherwise you can always type and press Enter , if you didn't find the relevant suggestion and we will try to give you relevant information after searching thoroughly.

Q.How to increase Microphone volume(sensitivity)?

A:If you are windows based user please follow the instructions here