Shootwords : About us

Are you looking to embrace voice commenting or future messaging?

While there are multiple social media sites, they do tend to be pretty similar to one another. The only difference is in the type of media you can share and how people interact with one another. But isn�t it true that you always wanted to have a voice based social media? One that allows you to interact with other people naturally, all via the power of your voice? If that�s something you are interested in, then Shootwords is the right option for you!

What is Shootwords?

Simply put, Shootwords is a voice based social media that allows you to do voice commenting. You can easily record your voice and shoot it to the world. People will be able to listen to your voice and then they will have the ability to interact with you via voice as well. This social media site not only embraces future messaging, but it also makes it easy for you to interact with people via your voice.

Not only does Shootwords provide voice commenting, but it also allows you to schedule any potential, future messages with your voice as well. This is very helpful if you always want to have new posts for your audience. Since people are focused more and more on future messaging, you do need to try out Shootwords. It is the best place where you can interact with people, talk with them and just embrace everything that they have to offer. It�s a distinct and unique opportunity, one that does pay off immensely in the end.

Are you limited solely to voice?

No, even if this is a voice based social media platform, you are not limited solely to voice. In fact, Shootwords allows you to share as well as discuss all your favorite topics via voice as well as url. That alone manages to bring you some really good results. You get to talk with people your own way. Plus, this is a platform that allows you to express whatever and however, you want.

On top of that, being able to do voice commenting is tons of fun for mobile users. Even on desktop computers, being able to use the microphone from your headset for commenting is refreshing. And the great thing here is that the voice commenting feature works very well. The system used here recognizes your voice very well, so you can easily write comments fast and with great accuracy. That alone brings you some interesting ideas and results. That�s why you may want to visit

With help from Shootwords, you can enjoy future messaging on your phone or desktop computer. Make the most out of this unique experience and enjoy the ultimate, voice based social media. Try out Shootwords, and you will be more than impressed with the experience and incredible opportunity!

We have provided a default time of 30 seconds to record your voice as we believe it is sufficient to express oneself or to make one's opinion be heard. However, we do urge and hope that you be respectful to others. Because words have the power to make or break a heart. One can proactively report abusive comment or post by clicking the Offensive button.

So welcome to the future of messaging and voice.